Past events

In the spirit of Open Science, we make materials of all our events openly available as much as possible. We also publish various video segments of events organized by OSCU or OSCU Faculty Ambassadors on our Youtube channel.

Dec 2023

13/12/2023 Open Science on Track day 2023 Materials: here

Nov 2023

24/11/2023 Workshop: 'Reuse, just as common as FAIR publishing’ (including lunch) Materials: here

Sep 2022

27/09/2022 Lunch Meeting ‘Publishing in Open Science: Where to Start’ Materials: here

07/09/2022 - 09/09/2022 Reproducibility, Replicability and Trust in Science 2022 Conference: Improving the robustness of scientific research Materials: here

Jun 2022

24/06/2022 NWO Open Science Fund Meet up Materials: here

23/06/2022 Careers and Science Symposium: Once a scientist, always a scientist? Materials: here

22/06/2022 Open Science Dag RIVM 2022 Materials: here

May 2022

30/05/2022 - 27/06/2022 Short course: 'Stakeholder engagement for academics' Materials: here

19/05/2022 JASP Users Meeting Materials: here

10/05/2022 - 12/05/2022 SURF Research Week 10 - 12 May Materials: here

Mar 2022

31/03/2022 OSCU Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Materials: here

16/03/2022 HUM Symposium: Are You Engaged? Public engagement event by humanities scholars for UU Materials: here

Feb 2022

17/02/2022 Meeting of the Special Interest Group Open Statistical Software Materials: here

Jan 2022

27/01/2022 Writing a Reproducible Paper in R with WORCS Materials: here

Dec 2021

10/12/2021 Feedback on the NPOS2030 Ambition Document Materials: here

08/12/2021 Workshop: Start-Your-OSC ***POSTPONED*** Materials: here

Oct 2021

27/10/2021 OSCU Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Science Materials: here

26/10/2021 OSCU Open Science Event: Global Perspectives and Experiences on Open Science: Focus on Africa Materials: here

Sep 2021

23/09/2021 OSCU Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Materials: here

Jun 2021

15/06/2021 Open Science rankings: yes, no, or not this way? A debate on developing and implementing transparency metrics. Materials: here

03/06/2021 OSCoffee - Open Science in Grant Proposals Materials: here

May 2021

27/05/2021 FAIR Software (organized jointly by the focus area Applied Data Science, OSCU and R cafe) Materials: here

27/05/2021 Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance Materials: here

20/05/2021 Open Science Symposium: Faculty of Medicine Materials: here

Apr 2021

22/04/2021 OSCoffee - Open Standards and Open Software in Day-to-Day Life Materials: here

08/04/2021 OSCoffee - Opportunities and obstacles for Open Science in YOUR faculty Materials: here

01/04/2021 Meet & Mingle with OSCU members (Gather.Town) Materials: here

Mar 2021

25/03/2021 Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Materials: here

11/03/2021 OSCoffee - WORCS: A Workflow for Open Reproducible Code in Science Materials: here

Feb 2021

18/02/2021 OSCoffee - FAIRifying research data about children and adolescents Materials: here

Jan 2021

28/01/2021 Introducing Open Data Analyses while Teaching your Course Materials: here

28/01/2021 Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Geosciences Materials: here

Dec 2020

17/12/2020 OSCoffee - Preprints and OA publishing Materials: here

03/12/2020 OSCoffee - Rewards and Recognition Materials: here

Nov 2020

19/11/2020 OSCoffee #15 – November 19th 13.00-14.00 Materials: here

19/11/2020 OSCoffee - OS and preregistration Materials: here

Oct 2020

08/10/2020 OSCoffee - OSCU 101 Materials: here

Sep 2020

10/09/2020 Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences Materials: here

Jul 2020

03/07/2020 OSCoffee - OS in grant proposals Materials: here

Jun 2020

26/06/2020 OSCoffee - OS in global collaborations Materials: here

12/06/2020 OSCoffee - Open Post Academic Careers Materials: here

05/06/2020 OSCoffee - GitHub Materials: here

May 2020

29/05/2020 OSCoffee - Registered Reports Materials: here

15/05/2020 OSCoffee - JASP: Open statistical software Materials: here

08/05/2020 OSCoffee - Open reference management, OA publishing, and data sharing Materials: here

01/05/2020 OSCoffee - FAIR Software Materials: here

Apr 2020

24/04/2020 OSCoffee - FAIR Data Materials: here

17/04/2020 OSCoffee - OS in times of Corona Materials: here

03/04/2020 OSCoffee - Gitbook for course materials Materials: here

Mar 2020

05/03/2020 Open Science Symposium - Humanities Materials: here

Feb 2020

06/02/2020 Open Science Symposium - Faculty of Science Materials: here

Jun 2019

13/06/2019 Workshop - Preregistration Materials: here

May 2019

02/05/2019 OS Café - The UU OS Programme Materials: here

Jan 2019

24/01/2019 Workshop - Working with the Open Science Framework Materials: here

Sep 2018

27/09/2018 Workshop - Publishing OA Materials: here