OSCU Core Team

Our core team consists of Community Coordinators and OSCU Ambassadors. The Community Coordinators, who are also the founding members of OSCU, take care of university-wide initiatives, communication with (inter)national partners and stakeholders, and logistics. They are complemented by a team of Faculty Ambassadors, who organise and facilitate Open Science events and initiatives in their Faculties. In addition, we have a student assistant working on the website and hosting the ‘Road to Open Science’ blog.  

Sander van der Laan

Chair, Faculty Ambassador UMC Utrecht

Email me: slaan3@umcutrecht.nl

Marijn Struiksma

Faculty Ambassador Humanities

Email me: m.struiksma@uu.nl

Thomas Walther

Faculty Ambassador Law, Economics and Governance

Email me: t.walther@uu.nl

Gerbrand Koren

Faculty Ambassador Geosciences

Email me: g.b.koren@uu.nl

Maura Burke

Faculty Ambassador Science

Email me: m.c.burke@uu.nl

Floris van Kooten

Student Assistant

Email me: f.r.vankooten@uu.nl