OSCU Core Team

Our core team consists of OSCU Ambassadors. The core team takes care of university-wide initiatives, communication with (inter)national partners and stakeholders, and logistics. Each core team member is also an OSCU Ambasador and organises and facilitates Open Science events and initiatives in their Faculties or at the Hoogeschool.

Marijn Struiksma

Co-Chair, OSCU Ambassador Humanities

Email me: m.struiksma@uu.nl

Maura Burke

Co-Chair, OSCU Ambassador Science

Email me: m.c.burke@uu.nl

Gerbrand Koren

OSCU Ambassador Geosciences

Email me: g.b.koren@uu.nl

Thomas Walther

OSCU Ambassador Law, Economics and Governance

Email me: t.walther@uu.nl

Inge Stegeman

OSCU Ambassador UMC Utrecht

Email me: i.stegeman@umcutrecht.nl

Daan Ornée

OSCU Ambassador Hoogeschool Utrecht

Email me: daan.ornee@hu.nl

Hanne Oberman

OSCU Ambassador Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Email me: h.i.oberman@uu.nl