Workshop: ‘Reuse, just as common as FAIR publishing’ (including lunch)

Date and Time
Date(s) - 24/11/2023
09:00 - 12:30
Tielezaal, University Library, Drift 27, Utrecht

Science and scholarship advance “by standing on the shoulders of giants”. We routinely gain insight from previous work – but typically, we rely far more on the published article than we do on the underlying data. A relatively understudied part of Open Science is the re-use of data and software. Advances in science and academia can arise from new and different re-analyses of published data, cross-linking published datasets, or combining published and new data. However, properly re-using FAIR assets (data, software, hardware) is also challenging. Some questions that might arise:

  • Do you have access?
  • How can you get access?
  • Do you trust the assets that you reuse?
  • How do you deal with lacking information, variables, and records (metadata)?
  • Are the data to reuse unbiased and diverse?
  • Is it intellectually rewarding to reuse assets?
  • Are you getting recognized for reusing work? How?

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