Karin Sanders

Postdoctoral researcher
Faculty of Veterinary Science k.sanders@uu.nl

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Manifesto on Open Education: Interview with Sicco de Knecht

Recently, a manifesto on Open Education was published by Sicco de Knecht, Martijn van der Meer, Loek Brinkman, Manon Kluijtmans and Frank Miedema. In this interview, Sicco de Knecht sheds some light for us on how teachers can incorporate Open Science in their teaching, and whether Open Science is only relevant for future academics or…

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A new year, a new chair

This new academic year is a year of renewed leadership. The year got off to a flying start in the summer when professor Paul Boselie (UU) gave an interview in Nature on the clear-cut message from Utrecht University to drop the use of impact factors for all hiring and promotion decisions. It is a clear sign of…

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