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Open Science monitor – share your opinion!

Why an Open Science Monitor?

Within Utrecht University (UU), many places are working hard on the transition to Open Science. The UU Open Science Program therefore wants to know how employees experience this transition and whether their attitude towards Open Science is changing. Are they open to it? Do they consider it important for their field? And perhaps more importantly: is Open Science also put into practice? What obstacles and barriers do employees encounter on the work floor?

Changes in 2 years

The monitor was conducted for the first time two years ago. This new monitor will give us our first insight into what has changed in the past period. Because Open Science is about such a broad cultural change throughout all levels of the academic enterprise, this year we are inviting not only (clinical) scientific personnel and scholars (‘WP’) but also support staff (‘OBP’) to complete the questionnaire.

We can provide more specific support within the faculty or board when the response rate is high. So please help to improve the implementation of Open Science practices and fill in the questionnaire! Feel free to provide your unabridged and uncomfortable truths regarding Open Science in principle and in your area of expertise. 

The questionnaire takes between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. Follow the link to the questionnaire (NL/ENG) and this is the link to the intranet message (NL/ENG). 

Privacy and anonymity

The data will not be traceable to individuals and will only be available in aggregate. The questionnaire has gone through ethical review (FETC).