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Wanted: interviews with epidemiology researchers

Enhancing open research data sharing and reuse practices in epidemiology

Open research data sharing practices differ vastly by field. Epidemiology is one of the fields which may have lower levels of open research data practices compared to others. Research shows that despite the massive amount of Covid-19 related research published in the first five months of the pandemic, only 13.6% of these publications made their underlying research data openly accessible. 

Berkay Türk is a second year Complex Systems Engineering and Management MSc student at TU Delft. He is currently conducting his master thesis project, which is a case study in the field of epidemiology on open research data sharing and reuse. He examines the infrastructural and institutional instruments that stimulate openly sharing and reusing research data in the field of epidemiology. His objective is to understand what role these instruments can play in promoting open data sharing and use behaviour in epidemiology. With correct instruments, there is possibility to address barriers in front of open research data sharing and reuse, which is why he wants to find out whether epidemiology researchers have access to such instruments, and how these instruments (may) influence their behaviour.

Berkay would like to speak to researchers in the field of epidemiology about their experiences, thoughts and attitudes towards open research data sharing and reuse in this field. If you are an epidemiology researcher and if you are interested in having a one-hour interview with him, please contact him via