Loek Brinkman

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine l.brinkman@umcutrecht.nl

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Communicating theses results through podcasts

by Tom Damen The students of the Social & Health Psychology research master got an extra assignment this year: make a podcast about your theses to communicate your findings with the rest of the world (assignment can be found [here]). The information should be understandable for a broad audience with little to no prior knowledge…

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Best practices for writing reproducible code

UPDATE: this workshop on reproducible coding will take place on 20/11 from 9.00 – 17.00. Location: Utrecht University Library (Uithof), room T.B.A. Ensuring your research is reproducible can be a difficult task. Scripting your analysis is a start, but this in and of itself is no guarantee that you, or someone else, can faithfully repeat…

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