Loek Brinkman

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine l.brinkman@umcutrecht.nl

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Journal of Trial and Error

A few students at Utrecht University, one of them our very own member Stefan Gaillard, have launched a new journal. And not just a journal, but a journal dedicated to providing a platform for scientists who did not get the research results they wanted. The journal is appropriately called Journal of Trial and Error.  Specifically, the…

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Discussion group: What (not) to share?

by Jasper de Groot Open Science is hot. One day, the fact that “science” is “open” has become so utterly normal that “open science” has become a tautology. Our grandchildren, at least the ones keen on identifying odd dichotomies, will laugh: “Was there ever a closed science?” Unfortunately, yes. The current era is one of…

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