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Best practices for writing reproducible code

UPDATE: this workshop on reproducible coding will take place on 20/11 from 9.00 – 17.00. Location: Utrecht University Library (Uithof), room T.B.A.

Ensuring your research is reproducible can be a difficult task. Scripting your analysis is a start, but this in and of itself is no guarantee that you, or someone else, can faithfully repeat your work at a later stage. But there are tools, habits, and skills that can help you make your work reproducible, that increase the efficiency of your workflow, and/or the confidence that others have in your project. Think of good programming habits: how to set up a good project structure, how to comment well, and how to document your code so that it can be used by others. Think of Git and GitHub, which are essential tools in managing and publishing code.

What would you teach your fellow scientists, committed to writing quality code at the basis of reproducible research?

The University library and Research Data Management support are working on a single day workshop to tackle best coding practices, and we need your help! Do you want to help develop the curriculum, or be involved in giving this workshop? Join this OSCU member initiative! Contact Barbara Vreede ( for more information.