Support OSCU


OSCU cannot exist without the help of its community. We are currently looking for community members to help out with the following tasks:

– webdesign
– podcasts
– OSCU promotion (making flyers, etc.)
– acquisition (explore funding possibilities)

If you are interested in one of these tasks, contact us!
If there are no current tasks you can help out with, make sure to check back later!


Financial support

Up until now, we have created our community in our own time and with zero budget. That’s okay. We love doing this. But we’ve reached a point where we need more resources. Resources to further develop the OSCU and to promote and facilitate others to set-up their communities. And importantly, resources to apply for internal and external funding.

For this, we ask for your help. We hope to be fully self-sustaining within two years, but until that time, we have to rely on donations to continue our work. If you share our view that inclusive open science communities are the way to better science, please become our patron.

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