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The future is of science is open, and students are the future! As the Open Science movement is gaining momentum, what it means to do, use and learn about science is changing rapidly. The Student Initiative for Open Science Utrecht wants to make sure students become more involved in all these changes, because young people are those who will be most affected eventually. Whether you can’t wait to do a PhD, are planning to work outside academia or have no idea yet what you will do after graduating, one thing is for sure: Open Science will change your future. So better get prepared, or even better, involved! Learn more about us, our mission and Open Science below.

Our kick-off is coming up on 6 october at 15:30-17:00 in Ruppert D (hybridly)! There will be inspiring talks by students and will learn more about us and our plans. You can sign up over here.

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About us

The SIOS Utrecht is a group of students dedicated to promoting Open Science amongst Bachelor and Master students from Utrecht. Our events and team are aimed at all Utrecht University students, in the future we also hope to represent all faculties of the UU. We are a member initiative of the Open Science Community Utrecht (OSCU), a community of university staff.

Our mission

Inform. Open Science is great, but it can be a bit daunting. At SIOS Utrecht we want to make Open Science more accesible to student. In this way, we hope you learn to incorporate new open scientific practices into your own work, like pre-registration of your thesis or by exploring ways to engage more with the public.
We also want to provide an overview of everything that is happening in Utrecht and beyond, so that you know what’s what and who’s who in the world of Open Science.

Inspire. The movement is rapidly opening up fascinating new fields of research. Through inspiring talks and workshops we hope students find creative new perspectives on their own work and education.

Activate. The Future is Open, but your curriculum probably isn’t yet. We believe it is key that university curricula embrace Open Science, allowing future students to be educated towards it from the start. With SIOS Utrecht we want to provide a platform for discussion on how this can be done and stimulate students to get vocal about it amongst their peers, at their programmes and at the UU.

Create a network. With SIOS Utrecht we want to create an interdisciplinary network of students who are passionate about Open Science, who learn from and inspire one another, while having fun along the way. We also want to broaden your horizons by connecting our network with the OSCU and SIOSes in other cities.

Join us!

As we’re starting up, we need your help with promotion and organization of events. Since we’re very small right now, there’s plenty of room to shape your own contribution and we’re eager to hear about your ideas. So join us to become part of a team of enthusiastic students from many different backgrounds! You’ll get lots of experience with organizing events for students and, of course, learn loads about Open Science. Click here for more info and so sign up. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us through

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Upcoming events

The grand kick-off event: Wednesday 6 October 15:30 – 17:00, Ruppert D, sign up here.

What is Open Science?

Check out this Open Science 101 by the OSCU to learn more about Open Science. If you’re interested in what Open Science can mean for your (master’s) research, this is a nice read. The OSCU also has nice podcast series with lots of interesting speakers. In the future there will be some special episodes about Open Science and studying.

Our team

Hilbrand Wouters – Master History and Philosophy of Science
Felix Schweigkofler – Master Neuroscience and Cognition

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