Registered Reports

A registered report is a submission type supported by an increasing number of scientific journals. Instead of having your manuscript reviewed, you submit your research plan (preregistration) and receive reviews before actually carrying out the research. Based on your research plan (and not the outcome) you can get an in principle acceptance of publication. You can use a platform like Open Science Framework (OSF) to create a registered report. With a registered report you can not only improve transparency of your research; it will also allow more peers to review your scientific work before your analysis or data collection are finalized.

Generally, a registered report starts off with the submission of your research outline and the design (e.g. method, pilot data) of your study. After completing these first two steps, your research enters the first peer review stage. If the provided submission is sufficient, it can receive an in principle acceptance, which means that the journal you are applying to commits to publish your article. After getting this approval, you conduct your study which on completion can go up for a second round of peer reviewing, towards the final process of publication of your article.

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