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RDA webinar on research software and reproducibility

Our Danish colleagues are organising an interesting webinar on research software and reproducibility – which is part of a longer series on FAIR code.

This webinar will be the last one in a series of webinars about FAIR research software. The Danish and Swedish RDA nodes started a webinar series to bring outputs and the good work from RDA to the Nordics. The main goal was to improve research and increase the network by inviting RDA groups to present their work.

Research needs to be reproducible in order to be reliable and research software is posing very specific challenges. This webinar will have interesting talks about how to make research outputs reproducible and what specific rules apply for software.

The invited speakers are:

  • Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard: Presentation of the outcomes of the Knowledge Exchange report ‘ The Art of Publishing Reproducible Research Outputs: Supporting emerging practices through cultural and technological innovation.’
  • Limor Peer: Curation of data and code for reproducible and FAIR research
  • Carlos Martinez: Presentation of the outcomes of the NL-RSE workshop on Reproducibility vs. Reusability.

Check out the link below if you are interested and want to register.