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R2OS – The Road to Open Science, Ep. 1b, Full Interview with Sascha Friesike

We talked to an expert of digital innovation: Sascha Friesike, assistant professor of Digital Innovation at VU Amsterdam and associated researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin. Sascha is one of the editors and writers of the book Opening Science, on the significant impact of internet on research, collaboration and publishing practices. In this episode he tells us more about the various definitions and the barriers to a wider embrace of open science. According to Sascha, there is a contradiction between the goals of the academic system and the incentives of the individual scientist. He describes this current situation as a social dilemma: ā€˜Individual rationality leads to collective irrationality.ā€™

A shorter version of this interview was used in our first episode (Utrechtyoungacademy ā€“ The-road-to-open-science-ep-1-a-social-dilemma). All the show-notes and discussion about that episode are available on Follow @R2OSpodcast on twitter to stay up to date about the upcoming episodes.