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R2OS – Recognition and Reward ft. Marieke Adriaanse & Paul Boselie

In this episode, Sicco and Sanli review some open-science-related projects and events. They talk to dr. Marieke Adriaanse and prof. Paul Boselie, co-chairs of the “Recognition and Rewards” workgroup at Utrecht University, about their vision document. This document, recently approved by the University board, will set the basis for transformation of the evaluation and appreciation procedures at Utrecht University.
Mentioned in this episode:
• Twitter memes of Oded Rechavi –
• The KlimaatHelpdesk initiative –
• Advancing Open Access in the Netherlands after 2020: from quantity to quality, by Jeroen Bosman, Hans de Jonge, Bianca Kramer, and Jeroen Sondervan –
• Report of the Recognition and Rewards festival, February 2021…ards-festival/
• Peer-reviewers time for mass rebellion by Richard Smith –…or-mass-rebellion/
• Open-source flight control software operating the NASA Mars Helicopter deployed by the Perseverance Rover –
• Utrecht University Recognition and Rewards vision document –…ognition-and-rewards
• Communication illustration (Praatplaat) of the Recognition and Rewards workgroup –…rkennen-en-waarderen
• DUB interview with Paul Boselie and Marieke Adriaanse –…ds-system%E2%80%99
• Young Science in Transition, PhD competence model –
• Nooit meer een functioneringsgesprek, interview with Paul Boselie in NRC –…ek-1582623-a1164422
• Twitter handles Paul and Marieke: @paulboselie and @mariekeadria

The Road to Open science podcast is made possible with the support of Utrecht University Open Science program. Hosts are Sanli Faez and Sicco de Knecht and sound design is by Lieven Heeremans.