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HUM Symposium: Are You Engaged? – Public Engagement

On the 16th of March, the UU Faculty of Humanities held a symposium on public engagement. We addressed questions about the benefits of public engagement, stakeholder relationship management and partner involvement, and also tried to define what public engagement exactly means. Besides interviews with great speakers and guests, there was plenty of room for input from the audience as well.

The event was organized by: Lauren Gould and Saskia Stevens (public engagement fellows), Marijn Struiksma (faculty open science ambassador), Femke Niehof (science communication advisor), Stephanie Helfferich, Erwin Maas (public engagement team UU), Martine Paulissen (coordination). You can find the program and a full list of speakers and their subjects below. Are you curious about the discussions we had? Join us in the third episode of ‘Are You Engaged’!

In the first segment, Lauren Gould and Lisanne van Weelden discussed research partner engagement, while in the second part Saskia Stevens and Wil Kuipers spoke about audience engagement. In this third video Sanne Frequin (science communicator and art historian), Saskia Stevens (historian and archaeologist) and Joel Anderson (director, Ethics Institute) discuss questions around public engagement. How do we engage with our public, and how does our public engage with us? A conversation on the diverse forms of public engagement.

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