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Februari 2019


February 21st: #OSmeetupNL
An informal opportunity to meet people from all over The Netherlands and beyond who are interested in topics related to the transition to more open science practices. The idea is to discuss all kind of open science related matters in a relaxed environment so everyone is invited, no matter your level of involvement or knowledge.
When: 21 February 2019, from 17:00
Where: Winkel van Sinkel
This is a non-sponsored meeting, so drinks are on us all.


March 2019

OSCU workshop 4: Being Open & Successful – The Benefits of OS (with Daniel Oberski)

One of the most heard obstacles for people to embed Open Science practices in their workflow, is that engaging in these practices is not beneficial for one’s career. For example, Open Science practices take up time and people are afraid they will lag behind colleagues who do not practice Open Science. However, Open Science can also be highly beneficial for the impact and exposure of your work. In this workshop, Daniel will share a couple of his succes stories regarding open science practices and we will discuss the potential career benefits (and pitfalls) of being open. 

When: March 7, 2019, starting at 4pm

Where: Event Room, Langeveld Building (Uithof), Utrecht

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May 2019

OSCU workshop 5: The UU Open Science Programme (with Frank Miedema)

When: May 2, 2019, starting at 4pm

As you probably know, Utrecht University has its own Open Science Programme. But what is this programme about? What are its implications? What obstacles do you expect to encounter as result of this programme? What suggestions or feedback do you have? And what kind of support do you need upon implementation? In this workshop & OS Café we will discuss all these issues, together with members of the UU open Science Programme committee. Because together, we make our workflows more open!  

Where: Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht

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June 2019

OSCU workshop 6: Preregistration & OSCU birthday party (with a.o. Mira v/d Naald) 

When: June 13, 2019, starting at 4pm

Pre-registration has been used to increase transparency and accuracy in science. In this workshop, you will learn how to pre-register your own work. In the OS café, we will discuss how pre-registration increases transparency and accuracy and whether pre-registration leaves room for creativity. As this final OS café of 2018-2019 also marks OSCUs first birthday, we’d like to reflect on what we accomplished, and make plans for the future.

Where: TBA

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