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June 13th: Workshop Pre-registering your study

Pre-registration has been used to increase transparency and accuracy in science. It involves the documentation of your research question, hypothesis, method, and plan for data analysis. In this workshop, we will showcase practical examples of pre-registration in different disciplines, and you will learn how to pre-register your own work. Also, we will discuss how pre-registration increases transparency and accuracy, whether pre-registration leaves room for creativity, and what to do when you deviate from your pre-registered study.

June 13, 4pm, location Langeveld Building (Uithof), room E1.22.

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  • Anita Eerland – Pre-registration on the Open Science Framework
  • Reine van der Wal – Using for pre-registration
  • Tom Damen & Anneloes Kip – Pre-registration for master theses
  • Mira van der Naald & Judith de Haan – Pre-registration for animal studies on
  • Laurens van Gestel & Jonas Wachner – Registered Reports

This workshop also marks the 1 year anniversary of OSCU! We will celebrate this with drinks from 17.00 onwards in the inner garden of the Langeveld building. If you cannot attend the workshop, feel free to join later for drinks!

Please RSVP for the drinks here.