Lauren Gould

Position: Assistant Professor

University: Utrecht University

Faculty: Humanities

Department: History & Art History


You can contact me for (open science expertise): I am the project leader of the Intimacies of Remote Warfare programme. IRW has a strong public engagement profile and I am also a UU Public Engagement at the UU.

The Intimacies of Remote Warfare (IRW) is an evidence-based research programme based at Utrecht University that informs public and policy debates on the intimate realities of remote controlled warfare. Our guiding philosophy is that we study how remote war is legitimised, practiced, and contested and how it resonates on the ground in conflict affected societies. To do so, we conduct fieldwork and draw upon the unique expertise of our civil society partners, including NGOs Airwars, Amnesty, Open State Foundation, Pax, Bellingcat, the Nuhanovic foundation and investigative journalists. The knowledge we generate then informs our collaborative educational, advocacy, and policy work to address the inconvenient realities and wicked problems that come with these new forms of warfare.

I would like to learn more about: –

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