About OSCU (old)

Many researchers are interested to adopt Open Science practices in the way they do research. But the knowledge and know-how regarding these practices are disperse, with many people facing the similar practical issues. OSCU was founded as a platform to facilitate Open Science practices within Utrecht University. A place where researchers interested in Open Science can acquire and share knowledge.

OSCU is both for people who practice Open Science and want to share their knowledge and experience, as well as for people how have little or no experience with Open Science and want to learn more.

To bring people and expertise together, OSCU organizes the Open Science Café (see also Agenda). During these informal meetings people can share their knowledge, discuss issues, and ask questions all related to Open Science.

If you have questions related to Open Science, feel free to ask an OSCU member. Want to know who you can contact at your faculty? Check out our Members. Want to get involved yourself? Join OSCU!